Trekking in Bhutan offers visitor the opportunity to experience the kingdom at grass root level. Nothing matches the surreal experience of the upper Himalayas, glacial lakes, scenic landscapes, rustic remote nomadic villages, camping at exotic locales and off course the beautiful flora and fauna. Bhutan offers wide array of trekking programs, from easy treks to more challenging programs. For example, the Snowman trek is considered one of the most challenging treks in Bhutan, if not the world. Pelyang Bhutan Tours offers visitors a rare glimpse of the rich biodiversity, as most of the trails transverses through protected areas and national parks.

The trekking holidays listed below offers some suggestion, nonetheless all your programs will be tailor made around your requirements to include  unique and interesting trekking experiences, that respects and benefits the local community and their environment. We are local to Bhutan and want you to discover the real Bhutan, as we know and love. The standard bhutan trekking holidays can also be upgraded to luxury trekking experiences, should one crave for more comfort.  We encourage you to travel responsibly and sustainably. Inquire with our team on how you can make a difference through our tour programs.

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